About Master Custom Builders Council

The Master Custom Builders Council (MCBC) of Tennessee is an elite group of the finest custom-home builders in the state who share a deep passion for their craft and providing their clients the finest in custom, residential construction. Originally brought together to leverage their buying power to provide more cost savings and increase the service level for their clients, the group quickly found honesty, integrity, and the betterment of the community to be cornerstones of the organization. Each member has satisfied a rigorous set of personal and professional standards required for membership, and the group holds each member builder accountable.

Continuously educating themselves on the newest industry trends and technologies, the group also relies on their 100-plus years of combined construction experience when addressing each and every opportunity. MCBC of Tennessee believes that consumers should ask a lot from their builder. Because of this, we ask a lot of ourselves. MCBC of Tennessee is the standard in luxury home construction.

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